A Note from an Annoyed Parent

A while back, I was camping with my family. In the morning, I snuck off to enjoy some quiet time by myself. This particular morning I was spending time with God watching the sunrise. Hurried anxious lives require lots of pauses to be with Jesus.

Just as I got cozy in my lawn chair outside with my coffee, my son Landon came out and smiled so big at me. Want my honest thoughts? At first, I was not happy to see my precious son. I wanted my time alone. I didn't want him to see my frustration, so I just smiled back and decided to enjoy my time with him and snuggle him a bit.

After a few minutes, I convinced him to fish a bit since early morning fishing is good! Then, I got some time alone again. No joke, just as I got cozy, my daughter Lila came rolling out of the camper. What in the world!! My kids are NEVER awake before 8 am...and it was only 7:15 am. What is going on? Lila smiled too and said, "Mom, I'm hungry." Of course, she is. That would mean I would have to get out of my comfy chair again and fix some breakfast. This time I was not nearly as patient, and I just said, Lila, mommy is trying to enjoy some alone time with Jesus and rest... eat a donut or something.

At this point, I felt the Lord impress on my heart, "I'm not annoyed when my children need something from me." Oh...wow, Lord...ok...yes, you are right.

Right about then, my third child Nolan came rolling out of the camper...yep...all three were up before 8 am and that never happens.

The moral of the story, my children are a blessing. They need me right now, and soon very soon, they won't anymore because they will be independent adults. I will cherish my time with them now when they need me. I will do my best not to view them as an inconvenience or an annoyance because God doesn't view me that way when I need Him. In this lesson, I have learned to view my children the way God views me.

Be Still & Be Fearless,


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