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Three Tips to Bust Burnout

Hey Friend,

My name is Christy, and I'm a recovering workaholic.

I couldn't even take maternity leave because I was so obsessed with work. I set up an office in my bedroom days after giving birth. Here is the proof!

Chances are, if you're reading this, you are a world changer with a drive to kick butt and take some names while you're doing it!

You are a climber.

A striver.

An influencer.

A hustler.

A powerhouse.

That's how I saw myself back in 2011 before I crashed hard and had a nervous breakdown.

I'm 100% certain of this fact; This life is not our own. At some point, every single one of us will leave this earth, and our lives will end. Since this is a fact and humans are not immortal, we have limited time! So how do we use that time to the best of our ability, with purpose and care?

We need to bust burnout before it breaks us!

Let's walk through how to recognize if burnout is knocking at your front door!

Coming to grips with our limitations is powerful. It's called surrender. Surrender is not a weakness either; it's strength! I used to think I was superwoman. That I could do anything, I felt in my power I could overcome the world. Then I learned I'm not the hero of my story. Jesus is!

Now, I realize that some of you reading may not have a faith lens. I understand. I used to be that way too. Please don't check out on me. The practices I have put into place, although they are biblical practices, are powerful.

One of my favorite books is called The Anxiety Cure by Dr. Archbald Heart. In it, he so beautifully quotes, "We were built for camel speed, not supersonic jet speed."

Let's talk about the supersonic jet speed we are living at right now. We are running fast and furious towards our goals of achievement and success. We have a million tabs open in our minds, phones, Ipads, and laptops. We run from one appointment to the next, we scroll and text while driving because a million people have access to us, and we very rarely take time off, and when we do, our minds are spinning so fast it's tough to wind down.

Busting Burnout tip number one.

Recognize-If your body has a hard time resting, you're in danger zones.

I had my first panic attack on the sunny beaches of Cancun trying to rest. You know why? Because I was running at supersonic jet speed, and then I tried to rest. My body was accustomed to never stopping, so it saw the rest as a threat and kicked into overdrive when I did. It went into flight or flight mode. Extra cortisol and adrenaline came flying through my veins. I had a panic attack, which led me down the road of a massive nervous breakdown and diagnosis of severe panic and anxiety disorder.

So, what should you look out for then, so you don't find yourself in my shoes?

It's essential to listen to the built-in alarm systems in your body. I call them the "smoke alarms ."

**Disclaimer, I'm not a doctor.** Discussing these symptoms with a qualified physician is very important. However, I have studied stress and anxiety thoroughly, and here are some warning signs. These warning signs were all part of my story.

  • Mind constantly spinning with endless thoughts

  • Insomnia, Extremely tired but can't sleep

  • Headaches-especially tension in the back of your neck and temples

  • Numbness in your limbs

  • Chest tightness

  • Stomach issues, like constipation or diarrhea

  • Short of breath

  • Jaw sore and tighten

  • Quick temper and easily aggravated

Busting Burnout tip number two.

Reconcile-Which means to come to grips that something unpleasant is happening to you.

Here is what we do. We push these smoke alarms under the rug. The alarm is going off, but we keep hitting the snooze button.

Wisdom acknowledges alarms. Foolishness ignores them.

We are foolish when we rationalize these alarms by saying things like, Busy is normal.

Supersonic jet speed is normal.

Everyone's minds race.

Everyone has a hard time sleeping.

Everyone goes from one appointment to another.

Everyone hustles hard.

But we need to recognize and reconcile with the hard facts that it's not normal. Do you want to add value to this world? You want to be a game-changer and powerful influencer for the long game? Then you need to take a stand against the status quo and take care of yourself.

Ok, Christy, you got my attention?

How do I make a change?

Busting Burnout tip number three.

Remember to practice the power of the pause.

Your pause is your priority.

No one can hit the pause button for you. It's yours to protect. It's yours to put in motion.

In my next blog post, I will give you some practical tips on how to pause and why it's essential.

Until then, do you want more free tips on how to overcome stress and anxiety? Please come to the Fearless Women event: Find Your Worth on May 18th. You can watch it online or come in person. I promise it will help you in more ways than you even know! Here is the link with all the details: https://www.fearlesswomenstl.com/events

With love,