What’s Inside the Easter Egg?

Each Easter as our gift, my parents had this fun tradition to give us Six Flags season passes by printing out the logo and cutting it up, hiding each piece in a different egg like a puzzle. It became redundant, neither my brother nor I appreciated it as much as we should have. But one year, as I was going through the motions piecing it together, I noticed something different. The tip of a castle, a black mouse ear, and the famous font we all recognize, I was going to Disneyland!!! Completely shocked, I began to cry with excitement and remembered how lucky I was, whether Six Flags, Disney, money, or chocolate. I was excited to open eggs because they were filled with love.


Do you remember your family egg hunts? Grandma was often adding money to the eggs, ensuring each of the kids got their fair share. Or maybe now, as a parent yourself, picking out the best things to add that will make your kids smile.

Now, think about when you went to a giant Easter egg hunt and had no idea what will be inside each egg. Nothing would ever beat that excitement of seeing your favorite candy fall out as you crack the egg open. But what about when you opened one, and it was filled with black licorice Jelly Beans... so much disappointment, but it was out of your control.

I think this happens to us often in life. We trust people, things, and sometimes ourselves to stuff eggs that will fill us up with joy. Yet, when we crack open that egg, the treat inside is far from pleasurable. So the question is, who are we allowing to fill us?

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

To receive the gifts God has for us, accept Him into your life and believe in His most extraordinary gift of all, the sacrifice of His Son. That is what this week is leading up to. I encourage you, friend, to be filled by the Word this week, open your Bible, and read the passion story about the death and resurrection of Jesus! If you have any questions or want to know more, we want to talk to you. Message us; we are here for you.

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