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Fearless Resources

Our mission is to equip women with the tools necessary to overcome anxiety and fear. Through in-person and live streaming meetings, Fearless Impact groups, workshops, camps, and conferences, our goal is to educate and empower women to use the tools they are given to find victory over their struggle.


Anxiety doesn't take a break, and neither do we. Even when we aren't hosting live events, we are working on all new content and experiences for you. Check out all of our upcoming events and resources right here!

Fearless Impact Small Groups

Our desire is for you to join a community of like-minded women, get into the Word, and receive support. Fearless Impact groups are the perfect way to do just that! Starting the week of October 3rd, teens and women alike will have the opportunity to choose between 10 great six-week studies and different times that will fit your schedule. 

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Fearless Rescue Retreat

Retreat and find the rescue you need from the chaos of life. The Fearless teachers will be committed to pouring into you for 3 days and 2 nights, in the luxury accommodations of the Heritage Retreat House on Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO, there you will find the rest and your soul so desperately needs.

Between powerful life altering teachings, you will also have time to rest, restore and replace your fears and worries with the peace that only God can give. 


The retreat's main focus will be understanding the fearless rescue mission of Jesus, and why understanding that can help you lead a more powerful and productive life.The free gift of salvation is misunderstood and highly undervalued. It’s possibly why anxiety and depression are on the rise. It could be why fear is greater than our faith.

go on mission with us!

We desire to equip our community with tangible resources that help them take the necessary steps to freedom in Christ. As we have followed God’s call in expanding our programming, we’ve capped our capacity to grow our programming to meet the needs of the precious people we serve. Would you consider giving monthly to Fearless as a mission you support?


Please find out how you can support women and teens in your community by partnering with us!

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Our founder and president, Christy Boulware, sends out her tips on anxiety straight to your inbox 3-4 times a month. These emails are written out of her very personal journey to freedom from fear and anxiety.


Fight fear by being bold in your faith! When you wear Fearless apparel, you provide the opportunity to share your testimony and share the Lord with someone who may be stuck in fear. Bonus, not only do you get to rock a cute style, but when you buy our apparel, you support our mission. Each dollar spent in the Fearless Shop goes back into our ministry to create programs and help women just like you! 

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We encourage you to get the help you need. Whether it's through a counselor or psychiatrist, finding support and gaining wisdom can be an essential step in your journey. Here you will find our recommended list of Christian providers.