Right now community is everything!  In efforts to connect with our Fearless family, we are re-launching our Fearless Impact Groups via ONLINE ZOOM format. 


  • Pick a group that works for you based on your availability, NOT by topic or group leader. Right now community is more important than content. 

  • Be sure to read the descriptions of each group carefully.

  • We know that some people are NOT in a financial position to pay for an Impact Group right now, that is why we are providing codes to join for FREE or by discount.  Coupon codes are located in the description of each Impact Group.  Coupon codes are not valid for late start registration. Please note, the costs associated with creating this content, hosting online technology and keeping up with administrative costs are still taking place within Fearless Women so we are asking that you prayerfully consider joining a group by donation based on what your financial situation is currently. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon
What is a Fearless Impact Group?
What is a Fearless Impact Group?


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